Neck and Shoulder pain | Migraine Sufferer | Ankle Pain | Runner with ankle, back & neck problems

Shoulder pain | Rheumatoid arthritis | Left sided hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy

Neck and Shoulder pain
As an accountant spending many hours working from a desk, I suffered with neck and shoulder soreness. I used to have regular massage sessions to help, but the relief was only short lived. I tried the Bowen Technique with Claire on recommendation and the relief after the treatment was longer lasting than massage, I continued with the treatment for another 3 weeks and became completely pain free, I began thinking more clearly and have a wonderful sense of well being. I now receive top up treatments every 4 weeks or so and remain pain free.
Ian H. aged 36

Migraine sufferer
I have suffered from migraines for many years, episodes occurring at least twice a month leading to days off work and missing family days out. After trying many types of other treatments such as acupuncture and conventional medicine, all to no avail, I sceptically tried the Bowen Technique with Claire. I had 4 consecutive weekly treatments and now continue to have top up treatments every 6 weeks, since starting the treatment plan I have not had a Migraine and can now enjoy food and drink I have avoided for years without fear of a migraine.
Nigel A. aged 35

Ankle pain
After slipping at work I was left with continual ankle pain, by the end of the day it was extremely sore and stiff causing me to walk with a limp. As a self employed engineer I cannot afford to take time off work so decided to try the Bowen Technique. After one treatment with Claire I have not felt any further pain or stiffness in my ankle since and continue to be pain free.
Matt G. aged 26

Runner with ankle, back & neck problems
Having been a runner for most of my life I thought I was coming to the end of my running days as I suffered pain in my neck, back and ankle. The thought of stopping running was getting me down so I thought I would try the Bowen Technique on recommendation, after 3 treatments most of my pain had disappeared and I was running without pain for the first time in years, since then I have had a further 3 treatments and go from strength to strength entering a half marathon this year and planning the London marathon next year, fabulous.
Bill C. aged 70

Shoulder pain
I have suffered with shoulder pain for 8 years, constantly having to take pain killers to get any relief and having broken sleep every night due to the pain. I really do not like going to the doctors and thought the Bowen Technique was worth a try after Claire helped a friend. After 5 treatments I am now pain free and do not need any pain killers, after 3 treatments the pain did get worse for a few days but through excellent client after care and being given a few simple exercises to follow, I kept with it and I am now so relieved I did.
Eleanor M. aged 43

Rheumatoid arthritis
I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis having peaks and troughs in my pain levels for no apparent reason but sometimes it feels as if adverse weather affects it. Pain and weakness affects my ankles, knees, hips and wrists mainly. As a mother of a young family and still wanting to continue with my career the Bowen Technique continues to help me manage my pain, reduce inflammation and continue with normal daily life.
Sarah R. aged 38

Left sided hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy
Joe was born with this condition, it affects the whole of his left side. Since birth he has not shown any signs of using his left arm or hand, after his first treatment with Claire Joe seemed to acknowledge his arm and hand, since then with continued treatment he lifts his arm unaided and even uses it for simple tasks. Joe’s physiotherapist and myself are completely blown away by the progress made in such a short time. The Bowen Technique is so gentle and can be done while Joe is playing, we are all so optimistic about Joe’s progress every week seems to bring more surprises.
Rachel, mother of Joe aged 2