Conversing with your body

Bowen Therapy is extremely gentle, being likened to "having a conversation with your body" NO MOVES ARE MANIPULATIVE OR PAINFUL, instead of forcing the will of the therapist onto the client in an attempt to move hard structures, Bowen works on the soft tissue surrounding the structures, which are pain free, a change in this allows a change to take place in the bones and joints

How many treatments?

Many ailments are greatly improved or completely resolved after 3 to 6 sessions, even long standing chronic conditions.  Once resolved either no more treatments are required or maintenance/top-up treatments are required every 4 to 6 weeks.

How does it work?

A new anatomical map is being discovered in the form of fascia, the connective tissue matrix just below the skin that surrounds and is integral to all our muscles and organs. Fascia gives us our shape and acts as an entire communication and movement system.

This amazing engineering system of fascia, that allows force to be distributed through the body, does however encounter problems. Twisting, jumping or taking an impact in sport, lifting, digging or indeed any repetitive action or prolonged stress can cause a build up of collagen fibres within the fascia matrix, creating blockages in the particular area of loading or stress.

Bowen works directly in these areas to redistribute the fascial load across the whole system, like taking your foot off a hosepipe, allowing the normal flow of blood and lymph drainage, this leads to healing of the area and all of the structures on the same pathway. Bowens embrace therefore often extends beyond the presenting symptoms to underlying physical, chemical, emotional and mental causes of complaints.

In a Bowen Technique session, the patient lies on a bed and relaxes. The therapist applies a carefully orchestrated series of gentle movements along specific points throughout the body.

These moves consist of a subtle rolling of muscle, nerve, tendon and connective tissue. We then leave the room between each pattern in the series so as to allow the patient the maximum space for relaxation and integration of the information received by the body.

Global not local?

Bowen Therapy deals with the body as a whole, the advantage of dealing with the whole and not just concentrating on a specific injury is that for e.g. a knee injury, although injured, it may be getting injured because of a pelvic tilt or a problem in the back. If we only fix the knee then it will be just a matter of time before the injury occurs again, your body is a continual structure and not made up of separate parts, therefore any remedial therapy needs to deal with the whole body as with Bowen Therapy.

“There is no point fixing a broken window if the branch that keeps smashing it is still fixed to the tree”

Stress Management

“Stress” is the small word used to describe the physical and emotional pressures that seem to engulf our very being as we go about our daily life. Pressures of work, money, relationships, teenagers, babies, parking spaces, neighbours, school, you name it and someone will be getting “stressed” about it. Our autonomic nervous system is responsible for mediating these “stress” responses and is split into two system. The sympathetic nervous system gives us our fight or flight response, diverting blood from systems not needed at the time in our body like digestion or our reproductive systems and giving this blood to our muscles. The parasympathetic nervous system works when we are at rest, our digestive organs again functioning as normal using up to 25% of our energy.

With so much going on in today's ever fast moving "stressful" world, our body has little time to switch off and relax, leaving our sympathetic nervous system on overdrive for far too long !!!! This can cause imbalances in our body and it's functions, which may present its self in varying ways, from constipation to psoriasis and insomnia to difficulties in conceiving.

Bowen can work to rebalance the autonomic nervous system, getting our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to work in harmony with each other again, restoring our body to optimum health. This then gives relief to stress related problems and gives our body the opportunity to work as it was meant to do.

Give your body an MOT

Your body can be likened to a fine racing car that works best when it is in tune, all parts working in harmony to make the machine operate at optimum capability. If one component is broken or worn it’s effects are felt throughout the entire engine or body.

"Give your body an MOT"

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