About me - "Claire Woodall Cert ECBS MBTER"



After receiving many forms of alternative therapy over the years for various ailments, all of which helped greatly, I became intrigued, so I decided to look into training to become a therapist myself.

With careful consideration I decided to study Reflexology and The Bowen Technique in 2007 and during this learning process I experienced a positive change in my own well being. This was in part due to the treatments I was receiving whilst training, but also the sense of achievement I felt when ever clients came to me in pain, or feeling low, then leaving feeling happier or in less pain and knowing that over the next few days things would only improve.

My knowledge and understanding of the human form linked with my expertise in my chosen fields, allow me to use the information gathered from initial consultations to tailor a plan of treatments to the individual need. I work with my clients on a personal level giving them exactly the depth of treatment and information they require to enable them to achieve optimum health.

I continue to update my knowledge on a regular basis so I am current with any new thinking or procedures. I am also committed to furthering my expertise into other fields of alternative therapy which compliment Reflexology and Bowen ever expanding my knowledge to help my clients.